We are adding a new boy to our program!! Toby of Peachtree is still a pup, but he is such a beautiful boy. Blue merle and both parents are extensively tested and clear for any genetic disease and both parents are OFA cleared for hips and elbows. We will add his information soon !!

The other news is we are the proud owners of a double S locus Aussie - he is almost entirely white with some merle markings and one blue and one marbled eye. Casper has been extensively tested and he is Mm (one merle gen) and SS (double S locus) which is responsible for his white coat. We will update the website soon with pics of these two lovely boys!!

Our Boys

 Our beautiful boy Powder Blue

Blue merle and blue eyes


CERF- Good

PRCD/PRA  Negative/negative

HC - Clear

DM - Normal

 MDR1 - Normal/Normal

OFA - Heart and Patellas are normal

OFA - Hips: No hip dysplasia recognized, hips are evaluated as GOOD

OFA - Elbows: No elbow dysplasia recognised

This is Powder Blue of Peach Tree, our lovely Blue Merle boy. He loves to play with the other dogs and gets along with the cats too. He is a very friendly dog and he loves water!

Powder as a pup :)





This handsome boy is Leo, our blue merle Toy Aussie. Leo is a joy to be around, he is friendly, smart and loves to cuddle! Leo tested clear for all genetic diseases and we are very happy he is part of our program!