We have two new pretty girls that are part of our program. Both are daughters of our International Champion daughter Maggie, and Tim, who are now both retired. The high quality of this cross resulted in two beautiful red tri additions to our program.  Check back soon for info and pics!!

Our Girls

This smiley face is Ellie of Peach Tree, one of our lovely Maggie x Tim daughters we kept for our program. Ellie is truly a happy dog. She is always in a good mood and loves attention. She is one of our favorite dogs ever! Besides beautiful, Ellie has a clean bill of health and we are fortunate to have such a lovely and beautiful dog in our program. Ellie is 15" tall

This sweet girl is Blue, one of our beautiful Maggie x Tim daughters we kept for our program. Blue is a lovely red tri, and she has one hazel and one blue eye. Blue is an excellent mother and her pups are gorgeous! We love Blue, she is one of our favorite dogs! She is sweet, playful and loves to cuddle. She is 15" tall