Past puppies 

We receive pictures from new owners from time to time, and can provide many testimonials. We believe the pics speak for themselves!


Here you can see pics of the pups at their new homes. The page is regularly updated :)

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Search peach tree mini Aussies 

Sweet Ollie, ready to play!

Handsome Max in Florida!! 

Sweet Hailey loves her daddy in Alabama!!

Pretty Pippa in Hawaii <3

Two sisters at the vet for health certificates in Alabama !!

Sweet Leo doing great in NJ!!

The handsome Rusty in Alabama!!

Here is beautiful Daisy in New York!!

This smiley face belongs to Rusty in Florida!!

Sweet Ollie says hello!!

Here is sweet Lobo, so handsome!!

The lovely Bleu in Alabama! 

Maggie and her new little brother Finn in Georgia :)

Beautiful Rascal at 3 years old in Alabama <3

Sweet Sullivan in Alabama!

Here is beautiful Stitch in Florida!

Here is handsome Gunner at his new home in Alabama!

Sweet Chloe at her new home :)

Sweet Jax at home in Alabama!! 

Here is Clutch (Ivan) with his new mommy in Alaska!!

Sweet Elvis is already very loved in Alabama!

Lovely Belle at her new home in Alabama :)

Sweet Iris at her new home in Georgia <3

This mud loving pup is Doc, he was chosen as Hill's Pet Nutrition's Pet of the Week! 

Sweet Missy is now in Florida, and she has Mork as her new best friend :)

Here is handsome Bleu in Alabama!!

Sweet Hailey and her mommy in Alabama <3

Handsome Rusty in Alabama :)

Here is handsome Hunter, very happy in Puerto Rico!!

Beautiful Beau, loves to play with water and mud!

Beautiful Gemini California!!

Sweet Cheddar at home in Alabama <3

Beautiful Mork and Mia in Michigan <3

The lovely Kona (Hope), doing great!!

Sweet Rusty in Alabama, he loves his new mommy!

The lovely Dusty in Alabama!

Playful Moose in Alabama!!

Beautiful Indy in Florida!!

Sweet Doc in North Carolina!

Super-smart Stella in Alabama!

Adventurous Toby in Virginia!!

Darling Gus in Georgia! 

Beautiful Stella in Alabama :)

Sweet Thor in Alabama :)

Beautiful Mica loving the snow in Michigan!

Handsome Quincey in Georgia!!

Pretty Sadie in Alabama!

Beautiful Blue in SC!

Handsome Moose in Georgia :)

Here is sweet Obi Beau :)

Sweet Ella in Georgia!!

Handsome Doc and his owner in Alabama :)

Sweet Sofie and Audrey in Florida

Sweet Olaf in Tennessee :)

Bear bear in Alabama :)

Sweet Everleigh in Alabama! 

Pretty Zola and her mommy in Alabama :)

Sweet Rudy in California :)

Pretty Rukah in Florida :)

Handsome Indy with his beautiful tail



Pretty Penny Lane and her companion


Sweet Perry


 Finn in the snow in Kentucky

Beautiful and sweet Eli in Alabama :)

Ginny's first Christmas in Florida :)

Lovely Jake in Georgia

Sweet Velvet in California

Sweet Mork and his family in Florida :)

Daisy (Zelda) and her companion Beau in New York 


 Pretty Willow in Alabama :)

 Sweet Gemi in California :)


Jimmy in Georgia :)

Handsome and smart Brady in Florida! 

Lovely Lucybelle in Alabama :)


Handsome Kieko in Florida 

The lovely Indy and Ginny in Florida

Gemini in California :)

Handsome Dusty Blu in Alabama 

 Vanessa is now at home in California :)

Illusion at home in Ohio :)

Handsome Finn in Georgia!

Handsome Cooper in Massachusetts! 


Handsome Brady is loved in Georgia 

 Lovely Tilda in Alabama

 Sweet Boomer in Alabama

Lovely Bindi and her mommy in Alabama


The Rascalator - Rascal with his beautiful tail in Alabama

Lovely Nina in Georgia


Sweet Reggie in Alabama


 Happy Maggie in Georgia

 Tucker and his mommy at the beach! 

Handsome Mork in Florida :)

Sweet Jada Mae

Penny having fun in the snow in Massachusetts! 

Mork enjoying the snow in Michigan

Sweet Katie in Alabama :)

Beautiful Loki in California :)

Here is the lovely Pippa in Alabama <3

Sweet Ryan in Alabama :)

Bama and his mommy <3


 Little Sam with his new mommy in Georgia

The lovely Rosie with new family in Georgia :)



Sweet Sam (Rosie) with her new family in Michigan <3


Cash (Olaf) napping at home in New Mexico! 


Playful Rosie in Nebraska :)

Sterling with his new best friend CJ :)


Polly and Ruby look very happy in Florida ! 


The lovely Zoey in Florida :)


Sweet and smart Reggie in Florida :)


Here is Patrick and his family, in Alabama :)


Beautiful Callie, hiking in the mountains in Georgia


 Hank and Hailey in Mississippi

Lovely Sadie in Alabama  


Pretty Jazz  after a swim, resting in the boat <3



Maddie and Merlin in their 4th of July bandanas :)

Little Rain is now in Canada, tired after a day of fun and play :)

Mr. Nilsson in California :)


Marco at home in Mississippi :)

Magnum with his big sister at home in Michigan :)

Lovely and sweet Bates in Virginia :)

Handsome Echo says Aloha!

The lovely Bali in Canada 

 The lovely Mia in Michigan

 Mica Blue on a snowy day in the Blue Ridge Mountains :)

A snow ball is as good as a regular ball to chase and fetch for Baxter in Kansas :)

Little Bama with his best buddy

Handsome Kirby in New Jersey

Echo in California :)

"Z" at his new home in CA


Maibel in Alaska

This handsome fellow is Wilson in Alabama


Dixie, lovely family dog

Beautiful Bear, almost 2 years old


Handsome Ranger :)


Pretty Jada

Little Sirius with his family in Alabama 

Shiner and Jake :)

Mia with her new cousin in Michigan :)


 Karen with her new dad in CA :)

 Beautiful Sterling, now in San Diego

Reese in Ohio with her new mommy :)

Little Bali at home in Canada!

Little Dixie at home in Massachusetts


Little Ida with her new sister, on her way to her new home :)


Little Maggie at home in New York :)

Little Callie in Georgia :)


 Here is Jack with his best friend at his new home in Colorado


Here are Mason and Izzy, resting after a long travel day, home in Georgia


 Mr. Nilsson having the time of his life in California!



Handsome Jake in Georgia  

Pretty Luna Rue in Alabama:)

 Little Meg and her new mommy in CA :)

Evan and his family in Florida :)




Little Sapphire at home in Ohio


Little Maggie in Ohio :)


 Little CJ at home in Troy, AL 


Apollo in Memphis, Tennessee :)


Sweet little Daisy, in Alabama :)



 Little Kona, a very happy dog in San Francisco, CA :)

 Little Libby with her new family in Alabama 


Little Zoey with her new family in Oregon :)



Little Ricky at his new home in Columbus, Georgia!


Here is Murphy in Georgia with his best friend Maggie


 Kali, now in Georgia, doing great!


Here is sweet Baxter, on Christmas Eve 2012 in Texas



 Lola in Louisiana and her best friend :)



 Bear at home with the M. family in Alabama :)




 Lola, at her new home in Louisiana with the B. family!


 Connor is now in Pennsylvania and has a loving home with the O. family



 Loki has a happy dog life in Canada :)


 Here is little Cisco, he found a loving home with the N. family in California!